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British Journal of Medical Practitioners

BJMP September 2016 Volume 9 Number 3

BJMP September 2016 Volume 9 Number 3

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Reaching a Personalized Medicine Era: The Dream of the Drug Market
Juan S. Barajas-Gamboa, Patrick Francois Tarquino, John Elkin Pedraza and Daniel Gonzalez-Nuñez.
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Clinical Practice

A Registry Comparison of ESC and NICE guidelines 95 in the assessment of stable angina in a UK district hospital
Jessica Ball, Andrew Cai, A Pineau-Mitchell, Katie Brown, Benjamin Coope and Kuno Budack
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Attitudes of patients and doctors towards the use of medical professional terms in Psychiatry
M Aamer Sarfraz, Claire Carstaires, Jinny McDonald, Stanley Tao
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Upcoming Articles

The British Journal of Medical Practitioners has adopted a “Continuous Publication” model from the beginning of year 2010 publishing articles online as soon as they are peer-reviewed and copy-edited. This provides faster publication of articles for the authors and a quicker access for readers.

The BJMP website will now be updated regularly with the latest articles and we will continue to collate published articles into archival "issues" (about 4 issues per year).

Clinical Practice:
Nilofer Husnoo, Mohummad Shaan Goonoo and Sohail Abbas
BJMP 2016;9(4):a931
Case Report/Series:
Elena Kyriakidou,Mohamed Badr, Simon Atkins and Sheelah Harrison
BJMP 2016;9(4):a930
Hugo A. Aguilar, MD 1 Silvia Villabona, MD 1 Dianne A Velasquez, MD 2 Juan S. Barajas-Gamboa, MD 1,3
BJMP 2016;9(4):a929
Education & Training:
James ML Williamson
BJMP 2016;9(4):a928
Case Report/Series:
Awad Ali Mohamed Alawad and Mohamed Daffalla Gismalla
BJMP 2016;9(4):a927