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BJMP Invites Articles

Articles are invited by BJMP for publication in the next issue.

We encourage high quality review articles in all specialties.

All articles will be subjected to peer review and published once accepted.

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British Journal of Medical Practitioners

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BJMP December 2015 Volume 8 Number 4

BJMP December 2015 Volume 8 Number 4

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Research Articles

Comparing the use of traditional sites and alternative sites puncture for determination of blood glucose by glucometer
Crisafulli Cristiano, Massimo Catanuso, Carmelo Di Gregorio, Adriana Di Gregorio, Gaetano Profeta and Antonino Di Guardo
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Upcoming Articles

The British Journal of Medical Practitioners has adopted a “Continuous Publication” model from the beginning of year 2010 publishing articles online as soon as they are peer-reviewed and copy-edited. This provides faster publication of articles for the authors and a quicker access for readers.

The BJMP website will now be updated regularly with the latest articles and we will continue to collate published articles into archival "issues" (about 4 issues per year).

Review Article:
Syed Ali and Christopher Findlay
BJMP 2016;9(1):a909
Research Article:
Sultan N Qasim, Kimberly Lammin and Phillip Edge
BJMP 2016;9(1):a908
Review Article:
Mohammad Adil,Tasleem Arif and Syed Suhail Amin
BJMP 2016;9(1):a906
Case Report/Series:
Manveen Kaur, Varsha Dalal, Karam Chand Sharma, Avninder Singh
BJMP 2016;9(1):a905
Review Article:
Yassir Javaid
BJMP 2016;9(1):a904
Case Report/Series:
Premila Hirubalan and Pierre Christian Ip-Yam
BJMP 2016;9(1):a903
Research Article:
Abhishek Chowhan, Mushtaq A Margoob, Imtiyaz Mansoor and Arti Sakral
BJMP 2016;9(1):a902
Case Report/Series:
Wadah Ali, Zakir K Mohamed and D Thekkinkattil
BJMP 2016;9(1):a901