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BJMP Invites Articles

Articles are invited by BJMP for publication in the next issue.

We encourage high quality review articles in all specialties.

All articles will be subjected to peer review and published once accepted.

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British Journal of Medical Practitioners

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BJMP March 2014 Volume 7 Number 1

BJMP March 2014 Volume 7 Number 1

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Review Articles

Case Reports/Series
Medical Images
Photo Quiz: Palatal swelling with pain
Segun Adeoye, Sylvester Sarfraz and Kiranmayi Korimerla
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Upcoming Articles

The British Journal of Medical Practitioners has adopted a “Continuous Publication” model from the beginning of year 2010 publishing articles online as soon as they are peer-reviewed and copy-edited. This provides faster publication of articles for the authors and a quicker access for readers.

The BJMP website will now be updated regularly with the latest articles and we will continue to collate published articles into archival "issues" (about 4 issues per year).

Abdul Rehman Arshad, Asif Rahman, Shafqat Hussain
BJMP 2014;7(2):a713
Case Report/Series:
Yasmeen Ajaz and Sameem Matto
BJMP 2014;7(2):a712
Case Report/Series:
Agata Salerno, Marco Vacante, Donatella Pollina, Benedetta Stancanelli, Silvia Martini, Ezio David, Lorenzo Malatino
BJMP 2014;7(2):a711