Editorial Board

Editorial Staff

Managing Editors

  • Dr Javed Latoo, UK
  • Dr Nadeem Mazi-Kotwal, UK

Associate Editors

  • Professor Ken Brummel-Smith, USA
  • Dr Nasseer Masoodi, USA

Specialty Editors

  • Dr Francis Dunne, Consultant Psychiatrist and Honorary Senior Lecturer, UK
  • Dr M Y Latoo, Consultant Anaesthetics and Critical Care, UK
  • Prof Claudio Puoti, Chief of Internal Medicine and Liver Unit, Marino, Italy
  • Dr Mehraj Shah, Consultant Psychiatrist, UK
  • Mr Yadu K Shankarappa, Consultant Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon, UK
  • Dr Daljit Sura, General Practitioner and Family Physician, UK
  • Dr Sandeep Tripathi, Assistant Professor of Paediatrics, USA

Editorial Advisors

Editorial Advisors suggest names of other peer reviewers, suggest topics to be covered and provide ongoing advice to the editors. The advisory board members will be reviewed annually. No person, including editors, will be involved in the peer review process of an article in which they have a conflict of interest.

  • Prof Raman Bedi,  Director of Global Child Dental Health Taskforce, UK
  • Prof Rajan Madhok,Medical Director of NHS Manchester, UK
  • Prof Elisabeth Paice, Dean Director of Postgraduate Medical & Dental Education for London, UK
  • Prof Arnie Purushotham, Professor of Surgery, UK
  • Prof Khalid J Qazi, Professor of clinical Medicine, USA
  • Dr Abid Rajah, Consultant Anaesthetics and Critical Care Medicine, UK
  • Prof A A Riaz, Professor of Surgery, UK
  • Prof Robert Thomas, Professor of Oncology, UK

Editorial Board

No person, including editors, will be involved in the peer review process of an article in which they have a conflict of interest. Peer reviewers helps editors decide which manuscripts are suitable for our journal and helps authors and editors to improve the quality of reporting

Internal Medicine and allied Specialties

  • Dr John Ellis Agens, Jr, Associate Professor of Medicine, USA
  • Dr Mohammed Azher, Consultant Physician, UK
  • Dr Rajith deSilva, Consultant Neurologist, UK
  • Dr Indrajit Gupta, Consultant Physician, UK
  • Dr Amir Jaffer, Associate Professor of Internal Medicine, USA
  • Dr Roop Kaw, Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine, USA
  • Prof G V Sherbet, Cancer and Molecular Medicine, UK
  • Dr Yili Zhou, Neurologist and Interventional Pain Management Specialist, USA

Surgery and allied Specialties

  • Miss Katherine Bevan, Consultant Surgeon, UK
  • Mr Habib Charfare, Consultant Surgeon, UK
  • Prof Jorg Haier, Professor of Surgery, Germany
  • Mr Patrick Omotoso, Consultant Surgeon, Canada
  • Mr Harbinder Sharma, Consultant Surgeon and Urologist, UK
  • Mr Manoj Sood, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, UK

Anaesthesia and Critical Care Medicine

  • Dr Mehmood A Durrani, Vice Chair of Anaesthesia and Chief of Cardiiac Anaesthesia, USA
  • Dr Faisal Salim, Consultant Anaesthetics, UK
  • Dr Asquad Sultan, Consultant Anaesthetist and Pain Specialist, UK


  • Dr Chris McEvedy, Consultant Psychiatrist, UK
  • Dr Minal Mistry, Consultant Psychiatrist, Canada
  • Dr Kabir Padamsee, Consultant Child Psychiatrist, UK
  • Dr Aadil Jan Shah, Consultant Psychiatrist, UK
  • Dr Saoud Sultan, Consultant Psychiatrist and College Tutor, UK
  • Dr Ovais Wadoo, Consultant Psychiatrist, UK
  • Prof Malcolm Weller, Emeritus Consultant Psychiatrist, UK

Family Medicine

  • Dr Anita Sharma, Family Physician, UK


  • Dr Ramesh Mehta, Consultant Pediatrician, UK

Gynaecology & Obstetrics

  • Mr Dilip Patil, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, UK

Research & Development Advisors

  • Dr Sam Tothill, Associate Dean of the Faculty of Medicine & Biosciences Crainfield University, UK
  • Dr Mohammed Wasil,Assistant Director of Research & Development & Clinical Fellow Crainfield University , UK 

Other Editorial Staff

Section Editors

  • Dr Trinisha Govender, UK (E- interview section)
  • Dr Farida Jan, UK (Clinical Practice section)

Proof Readers

  • Dr Syed Ali
  • Dr Minal Mistry  
  • Dr Arafat-ur-Ibrahim Mulla  
  • Dr Claire Pocklington  
  • Dr Natasha Quader  
  • Dr Maleasha S K Shergill
  • Dr Naomi Sarah Kelsey Penman
  • Dr Daljit Singh Sura 
  • Dr Ruth St John 
  • Dr Farheen Zulfiquer

Legal Advisor 

  • Fazl Syed, Consultant International law, UK; Attorney at Law, New York, USA; Solicitor-Supreme Court of England & Wales, UK.

Further details of the individual editorial board members will be made available here