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British Journal of Medical Practitioners (BJMP) offers a variety of advertising opportunities designed to assist the marketing and promotional efforts of our sponsors and vendors. BJMP reaches the most important consumers globally and has significant impact through effective targeting of core practitioners and professionals within healthcare.

Advantages of advertising on BJMP

  • BJMP’s website ( currently gets up to 20,000 hits daily from 35 countries
  • Conferences page on BJMP ranks 1st in UK and 2nd globally on searches for “upcoming medical conferences”
  • BJMP has seen 20 fold increase in our daily hits in the last year
  • Target your ads to healthcare niche market and avoid wasting your resourses
  • Simple plans to choose from: Advertise unlimited number of conferences on an annual charge of £50 (plus free first three months). Alternatively advertise a single conference for a nominal amount of £5.
  • Easy payment options by Paypal, Cheques or bank transfer.

How to Create Conference Advertisement

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