John Ellis Agens, Jr. , MD

Personal Information
First Name: 
John Ellis
MD FACP Internal Medicine, Geriatrics
Current Post: 
Associate Professor Geriatrics Florida State University College of Medicine USA
Organisation / Institute: 
Florida State University College of Medicine
Brief Introduction

My field is Clinical Geriatrics, I have worked in solo internal medicine practice, been a medical director of a continuing care facility, worked in multipecialty group practice, and helped set up medical home for high risk adult patients in an HMO. I am now primarily teaching at Florida State University College of Medicine, but I do research and scholarly activities as well. I like reviewing articles because it makes me a better writer. I prefer to start reviewing after February because of other duties. My areas of interest are the effect of comorbidities on health, measuring health with standardized instruments, vitamin D and health, effect of self rated health and comorbidity on mortality, quality improvement and performance measurement, and quality improvement in nursing homes.

Conflict of Interests
I have no conficts of interest to report.