BJMP June 2012 Volume 5 Number 2

BJMP June 2012 Volume 5 Number 2

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Research Articles

Availability of computerised reminders in primary care doesn’t reduce heart-failure repeated hospitalisations
Luca Degli Esposti, Alessandro Filippi, Chiara Verones, Stefano Buda, Gaetano D'Ambrosio, Cinzia Germinario, Italo Paolini and PierClaudio Brasesco
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Case Reports/Series

Differential diagnosis of an abdomino-pelvic mass: Ganglioneuroma must be considered. A case history and literature review.
Mahmood Tariq, Khan Sadaqat Ali, Sarwar Zeeshan, Rasool S Hamad, Anjum S Hasan and Tahir M Mohsin
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Solitary metastasis to the pancreas from colorectal cancer– A case report and literature review
Suvadip Chatterjee, John Scott, Viney Wadehra, Steve White and Manu Nayar
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Afebrile malaria patient with multisystem involvement and Hepatitis B infection: A case report
Rabindra Ghimire, Kaushal Raj Pandey, Prabhat Adhikari, Ashna Pokhrel, Maximo Mora and Mirela Sam
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Clinical Practice

Education and Training

Critical Analysis of Case Based Discussions
J M L Williamson and A J Osborne
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